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Elite Star Admission

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of students by going to the best university. Our Goal is to give knowledge to students to make an informed decision. 

Our Story

We believe everyone needs a mentor. Even the most successful founders, CEOs and business leaders have had mentors along the way. Our goal is to help shorten your college application process by providing you with experienced guidance from our team of admissions experts. 


Our Founder - Andrew Oen

Andrew, who is our founder and CEO, started Elite Star Admission with the  mission of inspiring the next generation of students. Andrew has attained MBA from Pepperdine University, and worked at Walt Disney Company for over 7 years. He also has a certification in College Counseling from Columbia University and was accepted to the Education Technology Masters program at Columbia University.


When he started Elite Star, he noticed that there were many students who were confused about university admission. His goal is to educate students so they can make informed decisions. He believes that through our mentorship program, students can make the best choice for their future career path.


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