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Apply to Top Global Universities

We guide students to the most competitive global universities.

Receive Mentorship in:

Selecting your university & major
Writing your personal statement
Filling in university application forms
Your overall academic guidance
Expert mentorship

Meet Elite Star Admission

Elite Star is a university counselor service based in Irvine, CA. The university admission process is more complicated than ever, as there are many options of universities across globally​. 

Expert Mentorship

Empowering Students With Expert Guidance

We have a goal of empowering students by connecting them with mentors who graduated from top global universities. Our role is to guide students and provide college admission agency. 

Work Colleagues

Our Results

We are proud of our students, who have gained acceptances to top universities such as Princeton, Cornell, Brown, Penn, Columbia, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Imperial, LSE, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, and many others.


What Our Students Say

Giselle Setiawan

My experience at Elite Star was very good overall. Andrew and my other advisors really helped me stay on track and made sure that I did not procrastinate, making my admission process so much smoother. Other than that, the essay revisers also helped improve my essays significantly, making sure that they are as good as they can be. Overall, Elite Star helped my admission process a lot, especially keeping me on track.

Jennifer Veronica

For those of you who plan to study abroad, especially in the US and Australia, I definitely recommend using Elite Star's Services, they are very helpful in guiding you through the application process of different universities, which tend to have different requirements. With their years of experience and success stories, their advices and mentoring may help increase your chances of getting into your dream school.

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