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Elite Star Students Acceptances 2023

Our Result 2023

Top 25 US Universities

*() indicates number of students

Stanford University

Columbia University

Northwestern (3)

University of Chicago 


UC Berkeley (3)

UCLA (2)

USC (9)



University of Michigan (5)

University of Virginia


Other US Universities

UC Davis (9)

UC Irvine (7)

UC San Diego (14)

UC Santa Barbara (3)

Claremont Mckenna

Boston College

Boston University (4)

Northeastern (3)

Pepperdine (6)

Bentley (4)

University of Washington (11)

LMU (2)

UIUC (5)

Virginia Tech


UMass Amherst

UMass Boston


Global Universities

UK Universities

Imperial University (2)

London School of Economics




King's College

City London

Canadian Universities

University of British Columbia

University of Toronto

Asian Universities

Nagoya University 


UC Davis ($5,000)

Bentley ($15,000 - 2 students)

University of Washington ($3,000)

Emerson ($10,000)

UMass Amherst ($16,000)

UToronto ($25,000 - 2 students)

University of British Columbia  ($20,000)

Nagoya University (Fully Funded)

Our Achievements: 

  • This is our fourth year in a row with acceptances to Northwestern with 2-3 each year.

  • Congratulations to the 9 students who have been accepted to USC ! This is a record number of acceptances for Elite Star. 

  • We are also proud to announce that one of our student has been accepted to both Columbia University and Stanford University.

  • We have 8 years straight acceptances to UCLA & UC Berkeley, with 2-5 students accepted every year. 

  • Scholarships were offered to 7 of our students, ranging between $20K to $60K.

  • 95% of our students was accepted to top 55 universities. The two students that didn't get into top 55, one received acceptance to Bentley, and the other one only applied to ivy leagues. 

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