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Our Services

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Summer Bootcamp

This package is ideal for students to gain knowledge on college admission one on one with our head counselor Andrew Oen.


Total Fee: $499 (5 Hours)


Complete Package

This admission package is ideal for students aiming to apply for the full package, gaining expertise of an admission advisor, mentor, and essay coach. Ideally, applying between 10-18 universities.


Hourly Package

This admission package if for students looking to find guidance on hourly basis with our Head counselor Andrew Oen. 

Hourly Fee: $120/Hour

Book a free consultation for the best service that suits you

Set up a free 30 minutes consultation, where you get to ask any questions about our services and university admissions.

How We Work

Our guidance system for students involve an admission advisor, mentor and essay reviser. This powerful collaboration will help provide personalised expert guidance for students to help them enter their desired university.

What do we do?

We first gauge the initial strengths and weaknesses in a student's academic ability and extracurricular activities. Then utilizing this insight to meticulously match them with highly skilled mentors who offer tailored guidance and support, ensuring comprehensive improvement across all areas and maximizing their potential for academic success

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