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Celebrating Our Students Class of 2023

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

I want to take this time to celebrate for our students. I know some of our students have succeeded well in college admission, and some had expected more (expectations is interesting, especially for US college admission). There will be always disappointments, but remember that we are working on this college admission process together. If you were disappointed, we will be as well (you are not alone). The hard part is that we can’t control the decisions, and sometimes we never know why a certain student didn’t get in, even though they well deserved it.

But what I want to do now is not celebrating result, but more about your hard work, perseverance, time management, meeting deadlines, collaborating with our team, and most importantly making tough decisions. If you notice, all these things are important for your life skills. You will be bringing these skills for later in life. Your career hasn’t started yet, and you will have plenty of learned lessons along the way.

For those who are happy or not happy with the admission result, please remember that everyone will get rejected in life, either now or later on. You have to be ready to learn how to deal with both. Whether you get rejected by a girl/boy, in your future job search or in finding funding for your startup, please remember we can only control ourselves. Just like sports, there’s someone that will win and lose. But what we can control is knowing how hard we’ve tried, and if the result is not satisfactory we will try again and not give up.

One thing to remember as we compare ourselves to others is that people will only show successes but not rejections (or failures). How many of you have heard people gained money from investing in the stock market or winning gambling in Las Vegas? Most often than not, we hear people win, but not lose or rejected. Especially with era of social media such as instagram and Tik Tok, it would make people be envious. Please keep in mind that most people on social media only showcase the good, and never the bad. With college admission, those who didn’t get in wouldn’t post on IG, but there are a lot of people with good grades who couldn’t get into their dream school. You might not see it or hear about it. Just like doing yoga, focus on yourselves, and not others, as we all have our own journey to take. Regardless if you get accepted or not to great universities, use this opportunity to achieve motivation or drive that you have to do great things in the future.

Thank you for being our student, we will miss working with you and it’s an honor to be working with all of you!

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